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Gravelotte Mines Contributes to the Social Economic Growth of our Country and to Ekurhuleni

Gravelotte appointed a sub-contractor to conduct earthworks on certain of its mining areas. An ad-hoc project that created jobs and helped in the development of a local sub – contractor which was a 100% women owned HDSA company. All part of its social development initiatives reviewed every 5 years.

Supporting Local Farmers 

Gravelotte is supporting a local farming operator by helping them plant Cabbages, Lettuce, and Onions across an 80-hectare farm. The support includes access to water from Gravelotte’s operations, security in the area, and necessary consumable products. These efforts are part of Gravelotte’s social development initiatives, which are reviewed every five years to ensure their effectiveness and impact on the community.

Supporting the East Rand Soccer Club  

In a commendable display of community engagement and social responsibility, Gravelotte Mines Ltd has stepped up to support the East Rand Excellent Soccer Club in Daveyton. This strategic partnership goes beyond mere financial backing, reflecting a commitment to fostering local talent and promoting the spirit of sportsmanship in the community.

Gravelotte Mines Ltd’s decision to support the East Rand Excellent Soccer Club exemplifies the company’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond its core operations. By providing funding to the soccer club, the company is not only contributing to the development of local sports but is also investing in the well-being and aspirations of the community members.

Sponsorships of local sports clubs play a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity. The collaboration between Gravelotte Mines Ltd and the East Rand Excellent Soccer Club is and inspiration to aspiring athletes in Daveyton, fostering a culture of fitness and wellness.

Community relationships are the backbone of successful businesses, and Gravelotte Mines Ltd understands this well. By supporting the soccer club, we are not only building goodwill within the community but is also creating a lasting connection with residents. This positive association will have long-term benefits for both Gravelotte and the people of Daveyton.

Gravelotte Mines Ltd’s support for the East Rand Excellent Soccer Club is a shining example of corporate social responsibility in action. By investing in local sports, we are contributing to the overall well-being of the community and leaving a lasting legacy that goes beyond business operations. This collaboration serves as a testament to the positive impact that businesses can have when they actively engage with and support the communities in which they operate.


Eresa Academy identifies, acknowledges and fosters its students’ strengths. To embrace this philosophy, the Eresa offers a Soccer Academy to male and female students which fosters students’ passion, commitment and skill in Physical Education.

Students in the Academy have the desire and commitment to improve their skills, game play and fitness in order to excel  within the sporting arena. They represent Eresa Academy with pride and are positive ambassadors for the Academy and for the College. Our aim is to provide an avenue for your child to achieve excellence in their chosen sporting domain. Students within the Academy will focus on Soccer for two sessions of Physical Education each week. Students have the opportunity to build on their passion for the sport through the development of skills, fitness, strategies, tactics and officiating. Throughout the duration of the program students will have exposure to coaching experts and guest speakers, opportunities to attain coaching and umpiring qualifications and work with younger athletes from the Cluster primary schools. Students interested may be required to complete a trial process to become part of the program.

The Eresa Academy focus is not only on physical skills but the development of social and interpersonal skills and the sense of belonging to a team and the Ekurhuleni Community. In Year 7, students participate in Beach Games that focus on team building. As students progress into Year 9 they are given the opportunity to represent ERESA as spectators at State and National games.